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Iowa Regents Universities Admissions Requirements 

To be considered for admission to Iowa Regents Universities:

  • Applicants must submit ACT or SAT score
  • Applicants must fulfill the course requirements for the institution (see below)
  • Applicants must have a Regent Admission Index (RAI) score of at least 245

Regents Admission Index

        RAI = (2x ACT composite score) + (1x high school percentile rank)

                + (20x high school GPA) + (5x number of core courses)

For the purpose of calculating the RAI, composite ACT score has a top value of 36 (SAT scores will be converted to an ACT equivalent); High school rank is expressed as a percentile with 99% as the top value; GPA is expressed on a 4-point scale; high school core courses include courses in social studies, math, science, language arts, and foreign language.  Regent’s universities use the NCAA list of core courses to determine courses acceptable toward core course requirements.  Year long courses are counted as one core course.  Semester courses are counted as ½ core course.


Students from Iowa high schools who have an RAI of at least 245 and who meet the minimum number of high school courses required by the universities will qualify for automatic admission.  Freshman applicants who have an RAI of less than 245 may also be admitted; however, each Regent university will review these applications on an individual basis and the admission decision will be specific to each institution.  Applicants who feel their academic record is not an accurate reflection of their potential for success are encouraged to provide supplemental information explaining their circumstances in addition to their application, academic transcripts, and test scores. 

For more information regarding the Regents Admissions Index and to use the sample RAI calculator, visit the Iowa Board of Regents’ website:




 filing deadline for priority consideration is in November 

The following scholarships are available to full-time first-year students who are entering the university for the first time in fall 2017. These scholarships do not apply to incoming transfer students.

Presidential Scholarship            Old Gold Scholarship      Hawkeye Achievement 

Iowa Heritage Award               Advantage Iowa Award

Select merit-based scholarships awarded by the Office of Admissions do not stack. This is noted in the descriptions below. If a student meets the minimum requirements for multiple awards, they will automatically be awarded the scholarship with the highest dollar value. These scholarships do not apply to incoming transfer students. Please see the Scholarship and Grant Policies for information on awarding of the following scholarships.

Determination of merit-based scholarship eligibility will only consider test scores administered through February of the senior year and 7th semester (or 2nd trimester) grade point average. March 1 is the deadline for students to apply for admission in order to be considered for these scholarships. April 1 is the deadline to submit an updated transcript and/or official test score for scholarship reconsideration.

University of Iowa Scholarships


How will my SCC classes transfer ?

  • Choose "Enter your Transfer Courses"
  •  choose the college 

The I-Chart Transfer Planning Resource is provided so Iowa Community College students may explore the many majors available at The University of Iowa.  I-Chart degree audits are unofficial.  Because the requirements for your major may change, we advise you to work closely with an Admissions Counselor before transferring.  An official degree audit of your transfer courses and exam credit will be available upon admission to the University.



FAFSA filing deadline & Scholarship Application priority deadline is January 15. 

Some scholarships are awarded at the time of admissions. You will be notified of your selection for these awards by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. All other scholarships at UNI require the completion of the UNI Scholarship Application.  The application is available leading into the students senior year of high school. Incoming students must apply to UNI before they are eligible to apply for scholarships. 

Incoming Freshmen Scholarships Awarded at the Time of Admission

  • Be an Iowa resident entering UNI directly from high school

  • Have an ethnic or racial status of African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, Alaskan Native or American Indian, Asian, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander

  • Have an ACT composite score of 23 or higher, or SAT combined CR+M of 1070 or higher

  • Students who do not meet the ACT or SAT score may be considered if they have a Regents Admissions Index (RAI) score of 290 or higher

  • Demonstrated involvement in activities outside of the classroom, which could include community service, and display leadership or potential for future leadership

  • Apply for admission and submit the UNI Scholarship Application by January 15.

Note: Preference will be given to students who demonstrate financial need as determined by the FAFSA, and/or first-generation students.

NOTE: Each of the scholarships awarded at the time of admission have GPA requirements that must be met each year to renew the scholarship.  All criteria will be outlined within the offer letter.




 FAFSA Priority Deadline: December 

Financial Aid Scholarship Deadline: December 



Iowa State University offers automatic scholarship awards to Iowa resident freshman applicants who rank in the top 15 percent of their graduating class, who present a superior overall academic record that includes a challenging college preparatory curriculum, or who have achieved a minimum ACT or SAT score and grade point average as specified in the award requirements.

Award Combinations: Students may not receive both the President’s Award for Competitive Excellence and the Academic Recognition Award. However, students receiving the President’s Award for Competitive Excellence or the Academic Recognition Award can also receive the Cardinal Leadership Scholar Award in addition to these scholarships.

Deadline: These awards are automatically awarded to all qualified students who are offered admission by March 1.

Awards may also be made after this date, contingent upon the availability of funds. Award requirements and values are reviewed on an annual basis and are, therefore, subject to change for future students.

Important: While these awards may be offered based on preliminary or self-reported academic information, all awards are contingent upon receipt of your official, final high school transcript verifying all requirements have been met.

If your final transcript shows all requirements have not been fulfilled, your award will be withdrawn. To qualify for a freshman scholarship, a student must enroll at Iowa State University for the fall semester immediately following high school graduation; a student who has attempted college coursework after the summer immediately following high school graduation is considered a transfer student, and, therefore, is not eligible for freshman scholarships. Additionally, a student must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident to qualify.


Taking college classes?  

How will my credits transfer?

Plan your journey to Iowa State University. Follow the steps to the left to test drive TRANSIT and see how coursework from your community college or university will satisfy the degree requirements for your selected course of study at Iowa State.


Community College Credits



Scholarship Eligibility

Freshmen candidates are awarded based on final GPA, SAT, or ACT scores. Transfer candidates are awarded based on their cumulative GPA from all prior institutions. All awards are renewable for 4 years.

In addition to merit scholarships, Iowa Wesleyan offers other need-based grants and scholarships that students are considered for after their admittance and the receipt of the FAFSA.

Iowa Wesleyan offers a range of merit scholarships to all full-time students. Scholarships range from $6,000 to $20,000. To qualify for scholarship assistance, students must first be admitted to the university.

Merit scholarships do not require a separate application. Prospective incoming students will automatically be reviewed for these awards during the acceptance process.




SCC Foundation scholarships are available for all types of students. They can be based on merit, need, program of study, intended career path or county of residence, among others.


Who can apply?

New or continuing SCC students taking credit classes are eligible to apply. International students may be considered for certain individual scholarships as per donor specifications.


How do I apply?

The application must be completed online. In addition, SCC Foundation scholarships require:

A completed FAFSA on file in the SCC Financial Aid Office. Not sure where to start? We can help.

Most recent school transcript or high school equivalency test scores on file in SCC Enrollment Services

At least one reference letter requested and submitted within your online application. Note: Before you begin, have the email address of your reference writer available, as you cannot submit a completed application without at least one reference email address.


Do I have to apply for individual SCC Foundation scholarships?

No. You just need to complete the application once. You will automatically be considered for all scholarships for which you meet all requirements.


When can I apply?

Deadline for fall term awards: March 1


More information/apply

Transfer credits to SCC

Transfer Credits to another college





IHCC Foundation Scholarships are awarded by the Indian Hills Community College Foundation to eligible students based upon their academic qualifications and other demonstrated qualities and needs. Several hundred scholarships are awarded each year, ranging from $600 to full tuition for a single year.

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Transfer Credits



The foundation of Kirkwood’s vision is to provide accessible education to everyone. Part of making education accessible is making it affordable.

We give away over $3 million annually in scholarships to students from all walks of life. County Center students, adult learners, young people straight from high school – everyone at Kirkwood is eligible to apply.

The online scholarship application opens October 1st for first-round applications. 

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