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AP Exams are taken each May by students all over the world, the AP Exam is the final step you take after a year of hard work in an AP class. These standardized exams are designed to measure how well you’ve mastered the content and skills of the course — a successful score could even earn you credit and advanced placement in college.

Exams are only ordered for students that have paid at the time materials are ordered. AP Exams are ordered in November.

 Extra exams are not available.

Your AP teacher will go over the exam format with you in class. You can get detailed information about each exam at the AP Courses page. You can view sample questions from actual exams using the Exam Practice

You can take as many AP Exams as you want; in fact the AP Program doesn’t require you to take an AP course before taking an AP Exam.

Repeating exams: You may repeat an exam in a subsequent year. If you do, both scores will be reported unless you request that one be withheld or canceled.

What you need to know before signing up for exams:

Calculus exams: You may not take both Calculus AB and Calculus BC within the same year.

Exam conflicts: If two of the exams you want to take are scheduled for the same time, ask your AP coordinator for information about taking one of the exams during the late-testing period.

Studio Art portfolio exams: You may submit more than one Studio Art portfolio exam, but each must be a different type of portfolio. You may not duplicate works or images among the portfolios and portfolios may not be combined. For example, if you want to submit a portfolio for both Drawing and 2-D Design, you will need to submit two separate portfolios with two completely different sets of artwork, and pay two separate fees.

Exam Fees

The fee for each AP Exam is $94

If you are approved to take an alternate exam during the late-testing period, you may be required to pay an additional $45 per exam late-testing fee.

Fee Reductions


If you have significant financial need, you may be eligible for a College Board fee reduction per exam.  Check with your AP coordinator to learn more about eligibility requirements for College Board fee reductions.