Applications for all scholarships can be printed from the links below or apply online.


See Kelli if you have any questions.



Start on applications early! Give yourself plenty of time to finish all required parts of an application.

Keep a "cheat sheet" for yourself of your activities, awards, and accomplishments. This will help the process of filling out applications go faster.


Ask for letters of recommendation from someone who knows you. Ask early! Give them information like when you need the letter done, what information should be included, and what some of your activities/accomplishments/awards/jobs/volunteer work are that you feel are important and want mentioned in the letter.


Have a parent, friend, or teacher proof read essays. Spelling and grammar are important!

If possible, keep a copy of your essays. Some scholarships ask similar questions. 

Revise completed essays instead of starting from scratch.


I Can Succeed

Scholarships and Grants


 Doing a little work early on can increase your chances for scholarships and grants.

  • Get involved in camps, clubs and organizations. Many local, regional and national groups offer scholarships to their members.
  • Research scholarships throughout high school. You're more likely to be prepared and in place to win if you start early.
  • Develop a well-rounded resume by being involved in activities and doing your best in school.


Scholarship Searches

Scholarships and Giveaways

As part of our mission to help Iowa students and families obtain the resources necessary to succeed in post secondary education, we reinvest funds in programs designed to benefit Iowa high school and college students and their parents, as well as borrowers serving in critical need areas.


With our expertise in borrowing for college and repaying student loan debt, we look for opportunities to educate Iowa's students and families on these important concepts.


We offer both ongoing programs and annual programs that occur at different times of year.

Check back often to see if you qualify for current programs as well as new offerings.

  • Sept 5 – Oct 22 --- Save Now, Save Later: College Savings Plan Parent Giveaway
  • Spring /Summer Annually  --- College Funding Forecaster Giveaway
  • Winter/Early Spring Annually --- Iowa Financial Know- How Challenge: Senior Scholarship



College is expensive. The rising costs of higher education has made it difficult for college students and families to afford an education. At LendEDU, we help students find financial aid, scholarships, and student loans. While our primary business is student loans, we try to help all of our students find other sources of funding before using student loan debt. Unlike student loans, scholarships/awards do not need to be paid back. Scholarships are free money and can go a long way when used correctly.


We are excited to offer our very own scholarship this upcoming Spring. The LendEDU Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship award. Our scholarship can be used to cover any and all costs related to your education. The LendEDU Scholarship can be used to cover tuition, textbooks, room and board, and even living expenses. The LendEDU Scholarship will be awarded to 2 students this Spring.


Who is Eligible?

  • The LendEDU Scholarship is available for high school seniors and current college students.
  • Please see the eligibility criteria below:
  • Must be a current high school senior or a full-time college student
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Must be earning a minimum 2.5 GPA in high school or college

How to Apply

At LendEDU, we stress the importance of students considering their future when choosing colleges to attend and managing money during their time on campus. To apply for the LendEDU Scholarship, you must answer the following simple question in 750 words or less. Please email your short essay in a document to [email protected].


"How do you plan to manage your finances in college and after graduation to be financially prosperous as a young adult?"


As college becomes more expensive, more students and their families are forced to take on student loan debt to fund their education. Many students, however, receive little personal finance education in high school and college and end up struggling when it comes time to start student loan repayment. This often leads to defaults and other struggles that can have implications that last a lifetime. What do you plan to do during college and after graduation to get yourself started on the right financial footing as a young adult?


Still need to find money to help pay for college?

Check out our private student loans guide to compare rates from our nation's top lenders!



Letters of Recommendation:

Some scholarships will require recommendation letters.

Ask early!! 

Provide some information about you!!

School Activities, Jobs, Volunteer/Charity work.

Need a transcript??

email: kelli.[email protected]

If you need a transcript sent, please contact me with the name of the college and location.

If you would like it emailed to an admissions counselor, please include the email address.

Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for your transcript to be processed by your college if it is sent by mail.




Senior Awards

Wednesday May 15 approximately 7:00 pm -- after Baccalaureate (6:30)

High School Gymnasium

The Awards Assembly is an opportunity to recognize graduating seniors on their accomplishments including awards and scholarships received.

We would like to recognize ALL seniors for their accomplishments.  

All scholarships/awards must be submitted by May 6 to be recognized during the Senior Awards program.


Local scholarship committees will present awards during the program.
Please plan to attend if you have been awarded one of these scholarships.

  • These awards will also be recognized during awards night and cords will be given out at this time.
    National Honor Society
    Silver Cord Award
    Academic Achievement

If you have any questions, please email or stop in.  --Kelli

The Pearl Hull Falk Scholarship – University of Iowa
Deadline: March 1, 2024
Pearl Hull Falk resided in Iowa City where her husband was a prominent banker during the early 1900’s The trust was established under the Last Will and Testament of Mrs. Falk to provide annual scholarships to needy and worthy students attending the University of Iowa. 
Scholarships are awarded annually in the amount of $5,000.00 each. Awards will be paid in installments of $2,500.00 at the beginning of each semester and sent directly to the University of Iowa Office of Student Financial Aid.
Each recipient of the Pearl Hull Falk Scholarship must be:
1. of a Protestant faith,
2. a resident of the State of Iowa, and
3. a full-time student at the University of Iowa

At least one of the recipients must be a member of an Episcopal Church, and at least one must be a 
young man who shows interest in and promise for a career in banking. 
All recipients must be of good character and have a good scholastic record. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Ducks Unlimited

Deadline: March 1, 2024



In 2023, Ducks Unlimited (DU) awarded 61 scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are members of DU. The scholarship program is open to all senior student members; however, it is targeted to volunteers who have shown an exceptional level of commitment to wetlands conservation through participation in their DU Varsity (high school) club/chapter and/or local DU community chapter. In addition, students must maintain a 2.8 or higher cumulative high school GPA to apply.


Each year, DU will award 61 one-time scholarships to eligible applicants at the following levels:


50 Varsity Scholarships at $500 each

10 Conservation Scholarships at $1,000 each

1 National Scholarship of $10,000

Applicants will provide their high school transcript, DU member/volunteer history, a list of any service or academic awards received, and up to three letters of recommendation highlighting their DU involvement and commitment to conservation. In addition, each applicant will write an essay of up to 500 words describing how his or her outdoor experiences have contributed to their understanding of the importance of wetlands and wetlands conservation, and the ways in which he or she has acted and/or intends to act on this knowledge.


Iowa State Rifle & Pistol Association Scholarship

Deadline: March 1, 2024



The Iowa State Rifle & Pistol Assn. (ISRPA) offers 2-$1000 one-year scholarships on the basis of merit to selected high school seniors who are currently enrolled in a team or club that is participating in Rifle - Pistol - Air Rifle or Shotgun competitions.

The ISRPA seeks applications from high school seniors who currently compete in marksmanship competitions. b. ISRPA Scholarships may be used to pursue a post-secondary education during the upcoming school year. Scholarships are one-year awards that may be used to fund any accredited post-secondary education or vocational program.


Be a U.S. Citizen. b. Be of good moral character.

Have achieved a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average.

Be a graduating high school senior.

Demonstrates acceptance to a university, college or trade school leading to a diploma or trade certification.

Demonstrate Rifle-Air Rifle-Pistol-Shotgun marksmanship competition experience.

Iowa Automobile Dealers Foundation for Education Scholarship
Deadline: March 1, 2024
The IAD Foundation awards scholarships each spring. Applicants must be committed to pursuing automotive-related studies at a two- or four-year post-secondary institution and must demonstrate satisfactory performance in those studies. Students who have received scholarships come from all over Iowa. Most attend an Iowa community college.
Many scholarship winners study to be automotive technicians, while others study collision repair or pursue diesel training.

Access Energy Cooperative Scholarship

Deadline:  March 15, 2024



The Access Energy Cooperative Board of Directors has approved a scholarship program for high school students as follows:

  • Six $1500 awards, two in each of the cooperative’s three Districts (Click here to see a map of the Districts)

    • First $500 will be awarded upon completion of the first semester, with proof of enrollment for second semester

    • Remaining $1000 will be awarded upon completion of first semester of student’s second year, with proof of enrollment for the following semester

  • Recipients must be a high school senior receiving post-secondary education

  • Recipient’s parents or legal guardians must be members of the cooperative

Access Energy Cooperative Lineworker Scholarship

Deadline:  March 15, 2024



Up to two $2000 scholarships will be awarded per year to students enrolled in a one- or two-year line worker program, such as the NW Iowa Community College Powerline program. Award recipients may become eligible for an internship at Access Energy Cooperative.

Selection criteria will be based on
• academics

• school, work, and community involvement,
• essay (see below), and
• interview at the cooperative office – scheduled in March

Eligibility Requirements
• Must be a high school graduate
• Must maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or above
• Must reside in southeast Iowa in the general Access Energy Cooperative service area
◦ Preference may be given to an applicant who is a member, or dependent of a member, of Access Energy Cooperative


Panther Scholar Dollars

Deadline: March 28, 2024


Return completed applications to Kelli.


Please submit two letters of recommendation. These letters may be from a teacher, coach, extracurricular activity sponsor or administrator. These letters

should be returned to you in a sealed envelope.


Panther Scholar Dollars reserves the right to process only applications found to be complete as of the application deadline.


In submitting this application, I certify that the information provided is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Falsification of information may result in termination of any scholarship granted.

Iowa Student Loan Education Lending Scholarship

Awards for Iowa High School and College Students and Their Parents and Guardians

Deadline: March 29, 2024



Forty-Five $1,000 Awards

The ISL Education Lending Scholarship awards 45 deposits of $1,000 into College Savings Iowa accounts for Iowa residents in high school or undergraduate college, or the parents, guardians or others who hold a college Savings Iowa account for high school or undergraduate college student.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, you must be an Iowa resident and either:

An Iowa high school student (ninth–12th grade).

An undergraduate college student (freshman–senior).

A parent or guardian of, or another adult who holds a College Savings Iowa account to benefit, an Iowa high school student or an undergraduate college student.


Do I need to have an existing College Savings Iowa account to enter?

No; you do not need to have an existing College Savings Iowa account to enter. However, if you are selected as a potential winner and do not already have a College Savings Iowa account for the eligible student named in the registration information, you will need to open an account and provide the account information to us within 30 days after being notified that you are a potential winner. Note: Only people 18 or older may open a College Savings Iowa account; underage students will need to work with an adult with a valid Social Security number or other taxpayer ID number to open a new account. If we do not have the necessary account information with 30 days, you will be disqualified and you will forfeit the award.

Henry County Cattlemen Scholarship

Deadline: March 29, 2024



The Henry County Cattlemen Scholarships are available to Henry County residents or those attending a high school in Henry County. The scholarship money will be paid out at the beginning of the SECOND SEMESTER of his/her first year of continuing education following high school graduation. Agriculture related interest, financial need and personal attributes will be evaluated to determine the recipients.

Standards of eligibility:

Applicants must be from a Henry County family or attend a Henry County high school and actively engage in an agricultural sector.

Students must submit the following:

  • Student’s application form and photograph. (Please do not include newspaper clippings.)
  • Be certain your application is completely filled out and is neatly done.
  • Student’s high school record.
  • Two letters of references. 


Henry County Pork Producers Scholarship

Deadline: March 30, 2024



Applicant must be a senior currently attending a high school in Henry County. 

Student will be attending a two or four year college in the fall.

Scholarship awards will be made directly to the recipients, at the beginning of the second semester.

Student must be going into an agricultural related field.

Submit 2 letters of reference.

Mount Pleasant Noon Rotary Scholarship

Deadline: April 1, 2024



(Associates, Baccalaureate, Technical Programs)

The Certificate of Award will be presented during Senior Class Awards Assembly. Wednesday May 15, 2024

All completed applications must be returned by April 1, 2024. (Return to Kelli)

Roger Menke Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: April 1 ,2024 (postmarked)



The Roger Menke Memorial Scholarship firmly believes that high school athletics are vital component of the academic experience. In support of that belief, the Roger Menke Memorial. Scholarship Fund will annually sponsor a College Scholarship Program to reward student- athletes who succeed in the classroom while balancing a commitment to high school athletics.


The Roger Menke Memorial Scholarship fund will grant two $500 scholarships to one male and one female student-athletes attending a high school that is served by Roger Menke. Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis. The Roger Menke Memorial College Scholarship Program Selection Committee determines the two recipients after reviewing all of the applications.



  • To be eligible for Roger Menke Memorial College Scholarship, student-athletes must meet all
  • the following criteria:
  • Be a graduating senior and member of a varsity high school athletic program served by
  • Roger Menke in his officiating career.
  • Have maintained a minimum high school GPA of 3.0,
  • Intend to enroll full-time in a two or four-year college/university beginning the following
  • fall term,
  • Have submitted a complete application prior to the deadline of April 1, 2024.


To Apply:

  • Applications must be completed fully. Please use the checklist below to ensure that you have
  • completed all of the necessary requirements:
  • Personal Information & School History
  • One Brief Essay
  • Application Statement & Signature Sheet
  • Verification Page (GPA and Athletic Participation)

AG Coop Safety Leaders of Iowa Scholarship

Deadline: April 15, 2024


The Ag Coop Safety Directors of Iowa Scholarship is open to high school Seniors looking to go on to a career in an Agriculture or Safety related field and must be planning to attend college/university during the upcoming school year.

  • High School senior attending College, University, or Trade School Fall 2024
  • Pursuing a major in an Agriculture or Safety Related Field
  • Professional resume (include at a minimum): HS School(s) attended with current cumulative GPA, extracurricular/co-curricular activities/club involvement, leadership experience, and work experience.
  • Maximum 1000-word essay on “What does Agricultural Safety mean to you?”
  • One (1) signed letter of recommendation from a non-family member.

Matteson Scholarship

Deadline: April 22, 2024


Mission: The Keokuk Area Community Foundation and the North Lee County Community Foundation established the Matteson Scholarship. This scholarship will be ONLY be awarded to high school seniors, as well as, continuing education students pursuing studies in agriculture, health/medical sciences, nursing, engineering, information technology or trades. 


Eligibility: To be eligible for the Matteson Scholarship, students and working adults must live (or have a permanent address) in the Iowa Counties of Lee, Des Moines or Henry.


Award Amounts : The Matteson Scholarship is a renewable scholarship for 4 years. Each Matteson Scholarship is up to $2,000.00 a year for the first two years and then up to $4,000.00 for years three and four. In order to receive a renewal, the student must maintain adequate progress towards completion of a degree and submit a Renewal Matteson Scholarship Application every year.


Scholarship Criteria: Applicants must have at least a 2.0 GPA but not more than a 3.5 GPA.  A GPA of 3.5 and higher will be considered but special circumstances must be met under this program. Selection criteria will include financial need, personal character, and career goals. Preference will be given to students seeking a two-year degree or completion of a certificate program.

Deadlines/Notification:  Deadline to complete the online application will be April 22, 2024.  If you are a high school student and are selected for a Matteson Scholarship, you will be notified at your high school’s award ceremony, typically in May.

Kiwanis Scholarship

Deadline: April 26, 2024



The Kiwanis Club of Mt. Pleasant is proud to offer scholarships to members of the senior class who best exemplify the ideals of Kiwanis, that of fellowship and service. These scholarships will be awarded to the students who show their concerns and caring through academic and community accomplishments. The scholarships will be paid directly to the schools identified by the students. Criteria for selection are as follows:

  •     Be actively involved in school and community activities
  •     Exemplify the virtues of honesty and hard work
  •     Be viewed as a positive role model
  •     Demonstrate academic skills consistent with the student's career plans
  •     Demonstrate financial need

Students may apply or be recommended by the school administration for consideration. A committee of Kiwanis members will make the final selection. Application must be returned by April 26.

** Return applications to Kelli **

Warth Insurance Agency Scholarships

Deadline: April 30, 2024


Application – 4H/FFA


Warth Insurance Agency is excited to offer TWO, $250.00 scholarships for high school seniors who will be attending a post-secondary school.


The Warth Insurance Agency Scholarship is available to any eligible graduating senior.

The Warth Insurance 4H/FFA Scholarship is open to eligible 4H/FFA members who are graduating seniors.

If the applicant qualifies for both scholarships, they may apply for both.


To be eligible, graduating seniors must meet the following requirements:

  • Attend a post-secondary school which includes a college or university, trade school or vocational program.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or better out of a possible 4.0.
  • If requested, be able to provide a copy of most recent transcript.