Jennifer Kohorst Bio

Every year I look down the halls and wish I could teach every kid. Maybe I’m a modern day Pollyanna, but I believe that education and teachers make a difference in students and the community.

I have spent my entire professional life in the Mount Pleasant Community School system. I am lucky beyond measure to have found a profession, a district and a community I love. I teach Language Arts; and over the last few years I have primarily been responsible for Freshmen (English I) and Juniors (English III). I want my students to recognize that literature is more than a series of fortunate/unfortunate events. Literature is a reflection of place and time and of the human condition. All of those things create meaning for the reader, and insight into the lives of all.

Aside from teaching and supporting the development of my profession and those who take this journey with me, I am an avid sports fan. That includes following the Panthers and contributing to the youth programs in our community.

My sons and I can be found watching or playing sports during our free time. We also enjoy traveling throughout the United States and Europe. The absolute best thing in the world is the anticipation of leaving Mount Pleasant and the joy of coming home. This community is our home and we are very proud to be PANTHERS.